Library Resource Project

Laura obtained resource info for people with low vision and blindness from libraries across the US. She specifically focused her attentions toward the capital cities, DC and the US territories. The project began in January of 2017 and ended in July of that same year. The results have been posted on BRC’s Pinterest account.

Gallery Grant

Laura’s seeking a grant or professional fellowship for the purpose of establishing a gallery for people with low vision and blindness. Exhibits would feature the work of creative people with low vision and blindness, as well as provide resources and information for anyone with that disability. Anyone interested in assisting in either the funding or … More Gallery Grant

Artwork Series Info

Laura’s created the following series: “abstract fusion”: This series is available for exhibition bookings. “baa”: One piece is on permanent exhibition, and the remainder have been donated. “e-series”: This series is available for exhibition bookings. “matt squared”: These pieces were given as a donation. “mediterranean midnight”: This series is on the permanent rotation list for … More Artwork Series Info


 ‘shale’ part of the “sandstone” series. It was completed in March of 2017, and the mediums utilized in the creation of this piece were glitter glue and colored sand.